Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kids & choking

Emily is 9, actually, she's almost 10! Even at 9y 11mo Emily puts everything into her mouth, it starts with her tapping her lips or teeth with it and then she may or may not stick the object into her mouth. Has the behavior improved with time? Yes, but, she still puts interesting things in her mouth. SO, we don't leave things that are dangerous around (small magnets, push pins, sewing needles etc.) There are however things I wouldn't think about and the following blog post is one written by a friend of mine, her daughter is still in the hospital and I would very much like to pass on this information about button batteries. When I first heard about Kellsey, the battery and the damage that it has done I was shocked and scared all at once.

There is one other choking hazard I would like to mention, dryer sheets. Another friend had a daughter that swallowed a dryer sheet and it got stuck! Think about the surface of a dryer sheet and you'll see how easily that could happen. Thinking of that episode always makes me panic a little

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