Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!

HAPPY New Year! I hope you had a great NYE :)

Yesterday, after Emily's bath I had to work several knots out of her hair. Emily hates to have her hair brushed so working knots out is something she's really, really not a fan of. After I was done combing it out she walked into the kitchen, grabbed my Diet Coke and emptied it down the drain. She gave me a snotty "humph" and then put herself into time out and smiled. SUCH A BRAT!!! It was so funny. For a child that cannot verbalize her wants and needs she sure gets her point across.

A craft a day? I have this crazy idea that Emily and I are going to do a craft a day together. Yesterday we did this craft and it stunk because the peel off backing on the pieces were very difficult to peel off.

TODAY we did Shrinky Dinks and things went much better.

Emily did a pretty good job at coloring on them.

I haven't done Shrinky Dinks in a very long time and I accidentally took them out too early. Ooooops!

I put them back in and they came out so cute :)

Emily sportin her new bracelet.

This was a pretty fun project :)

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