Monday, December 6, 2010

Do they know it Christmas time at all?

I haven’t blogged in a VERY LONG time but anyone that really knows me knows that when I shut up it’s cause my brain is full up to the top. There are some things I wanted to share.
Happy Holidays, whatever it is that you celebrate or don’t celebrate; I wish you a happy, healthy and sane holiday season.
I miss my dad a lot these days, I really needed to call him and talk to him and couldn’t. It sucks. I wish he was still with us, wish I could tell him some stuff, wish I could just hear him again.

So the other thing on my brain, something I am dreaming about, something never far from my front and center are the orphans posted at Reece’s Rainbow. Most of the orphans have Down syndrome, most of them are living in conditions we wouldn’t allow our dogs to live and all of them need a family. I can’t help but face the reality that my Emily with her extremely limited speech and behavior issues would be carted off to one of the many mental institutions and left to rot there. My baby girl has been given an incredible opportunity to have a full life simply because of where she was born. EVEN IF we were on welfare and had far less material goods we would still have FAR more than any child her age in one of the Easter European mental institutions. I believe the people who work at the institutions want to love and care for these children and adults the best way they can but they simply do not have the resources and even when given money, it isn’t used in some of these homes. Let’s take for example Paula, Paula is 4 years old and she’s been institutionalized already!!! At the age of 4, it was determined that her life had peeked!! That this was as far as she was gonna go. Someone needs to save her, with love she can go far, with therpy she can go further.
If you could go to the Reece's Rainbow Christmas angel tree and click ctrl+F put Paula #22-1 in the search box and donate what you can.
Thank you,

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