Friday, May 14, 2010

It's almost IEP time

So much has been happening in life that I haven’t had the time to sit down and write. Really, when there’s a lot going on I often am sik of talking about it so writing it doesn’t appeal to me.

I had a wonderful mother’s day. Joey and Billy made a wonderful brunch for my sister and me. We had an easy taco dinner and the day was very easy going and well, perfect.

The meds are helping Em. She has become a bit calmer, bit more level, bit less high strung. It’s a relief for our family. She still has periods where things are not good and the communication issues are ever present but she is overall a much more level child. Also on the Emily front, I am preparing for her IEP which will be first or second week of June. I’m not sure where to head with reading; I assume sight words are the right road but it just seems so out of reach.

Today is progress report day; let’s hope that Joey doesn’t lose his iPod due to poor grades.

Billy is going in for knee surgery today. He tore the meniscus (OUCH) and so he is finally getting that repaired today.

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