Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Survey says!


Emily officially has the label Autism; as a matter of fact the psychologist stressed that the this point Autism is her primary diagnosis. They want Emily to have 25 hours of intensive discrete trial ABA therapy. It was suggested that she have ABA at home as well. They told me that an inclusive setting wasn’t the rights setting for Emily and agree that we did the right thing by putting her into a self-contained setting. We talked about Emily enrolling at a school specifically for individuals with Autism. The psychologist suggested that I try to get the school to work with her needs but that we shouldn’t waist too much time fighting if they didn’t see fit to meet her needs.

They want her to have a sleep study, neuro exam to r/o seizures and they want her to join a structured peer group.
Did I leave anything out? Probably!

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