Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why would you say that in front of me?

This past Saturday I went to a workshop presented by ABLENH on advocating at the legislative level. This was a very informative and inspiring workshop that really made me feel empowered

Emily has been taking Zantac for 2 weeks now and we do notice less throat clearing and gagging, it’s GREAT. I wonder if she notices it too cause she hasn’t been fighting the meds. She did very well all last week and so far this week with circle time in the morning. This is something Em hasn’t been able to sit through yet in her life because her attention is too short and she usually acts out to get out of it. HUGE HUGE step in the right direction. We still have to schedule the sleep study and go see the psychologist.

We are going gluten free OR reducing the gluten in her life because she has tested negative toan allergy to wheat and negative to Celiac but we are gonna see for sure
So Emily has been having an LNA come over to keep an eye on her in the afternoons to make sure she is safe. To say that this hasn’t worked out well is a bit of an understatement. So far she has neglected to intervene when Em was choking, she neglected to change Em when she spilled water everywhere, she didn’t stop her from breaking dishes, she got hurt here and was more worried about the drug test they wanted her to take than anything else, she told me about her fear of cops and the pièce de résistance…….she called herself a retard for doing something wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say this situation isn’t working.

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