Monday, December 7, 2009


Today I finally ordered the Taptotalk I can hardly wait to get the starter pack. I have already started setting up the images and sounds so that when the starter pack gets here I will have some things in place for Emily. I figure we can see how it goes and let her direct what words to add/subtract.

The Taptotalk guys were very helpful over the phone.

OH and if you are looking for a cheaper DS try your local Gamestop for a used one.


  1. It's nice. Thanks for sharing this. Personally, it's a little bit pricey 'cause it's $99/yr right? If my son got to use it for the next 9 years or so, that adds up to $900. And I wasn't sure how to terminate the servie in case you want to. I rather prefer to go with one-time-charge iPhone apps. We've experimented several apps, and my son seems to like one called Voice4u ( He has been able to communicate with the application and smiles a lot. Some of his peers at school also started using it, which they liked, too. Just a thought, but please check it out!

  2. My daughter isn't gentle enough to handle an itouch or iphone because she throws things. the subscription is just so that you can add pictures and such. Once you have it all set up I wouldn't see a reason to continue to pay. Emily is only 7 and her language right now is limited, it's nice to be able to add or delete what we don't need.

    When she is older and if she is more gentle we can think about getting something like an itouch for her.