Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last night at dinner

BTW I should write a book with that title!

Joey says “what would happen to Emily if you and Billy die?” I was taken aback by this question because I really think of him a just a self concerning teen LOL. I told him that I hadn’t planned on passing any time soon and Billy then said he was never going to die! I told him that if Billy and I both died tomorrow I had no idea who in the world she could live with, that there was no right answer to that question. I told him that it’s my goal that by the time Emily is an adult I hope to have her independent enough to be able to live in a group home with assistance. I told him that he would always and forever have a say in her life and be able to put a stop to anyone being mean to Emily. I went on to tell him that the responsibility would fall on him to keep his sister safe and respected when Bill and I die.

I told him that if I should die tomorrow he should look at my facebook and see all of my friends on there that have children with Ds and feel free to ask them anything, that he knew Jackie and Tracy and he could ask them anything.

He seemed to walk away with a feeling of peace and I think he really just wanted to know that if I should die tomorrow he would have a say. But it really got me to thinking…..I really need to figure some things out.

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