Thursday, April 28, 2011

o no she didn

Every time I reprimand or raise my voice to Emily she takes her right hand and taps it to her chin. All this time I thought she was saying "shhhhh" but with 4 fingers instead of one. Well, yesterday her sitter comes over and says "do you know what sign that is?" I tell her I didn't know it was any sign and that I think she is just shushing me she says "well I am sure it's just a coincidence, but, that's the sign for bitch!" Like O-M-G no she didn!!!!! :|

Now, I know my little angel is doing no such thing but...........makes ya wonder don't it

So.......go ahead and look


  1. It really is. I have to really believe she has no idea what it means but a piece of me really does wonder LOL.