Friday, April 15, 2011

Med changes

It would be nice if life was boring, it would great if I could just find my footing in life; specifically where Em is concerned, but I cannot. Em had been on Medidate to help with her impulsivity and, at first it seemed to work, seemed to take the edge off, but, she stopped eating. No food led to increased irritability and increased aggression; we put her on a medication to increase appetite. This new med made her tired, cranky and more abusive to herself and others; we took her off of both meds. She’s been med free now for over a week, she is eating, impulsive, self destructive and defiant.

We were frustrated, her teacher was frustrated and we were all tired.

I took her to Boston Children’s (love them) to talk with the team there about how to stop her from beating the hell out of herself and others. We talked for a good deal of time, I love how really interested they are in what has been going on and how complete a picture they want of her; just not something you get with your typical doctors. The lead dr. suggested we put her on a new medication Clonidine, took blood to run tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as tests for thyroid and Celiac disease. We are waiting for all of that to come back until we start with the new med.

I am cautiously optimistic.

It is nice to see her eating again, when she isn’t in an aggressive mode or having a tantrum, she really is happy. It’s easy to think get caught in the negative and miss the good times. Going to Children’s always has a way of snapping you out of your pity party because the truth is things aren’t so bad, things can always be a helluva lot worse.

In cool news I had given to the 7 day blitz for Kirill and I actually won something!! I won a frame of my choice from The Organic Bloom, Generously donated by Lndsay Smith of Lindsay Smith Photographycan't wait!!!

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