Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saint Raymond

This past Sunday I was doing the laundry and noticed that attached to a towel was a a St. Raymond medal, it had become tangled up with a thread on one of the towels. This is peculiar for a few reasons 1) I don't own a St. Raymond medal 2) my father's name was Raymond (RIP pops) 3) It was father's day. I thought the medal must be my son's (given to him by his grandpa) but he said no, hmmmmm. My stepmother was here last week so I thought maybe she had left it behind for us, I called her but it turns out she did not leave the medal and said that my father, oddly enough, never had a St. Raymond medal (I don't believe that though since he was forever giving me medals). It's very strange and more than a little spooky to me. For those of you that don't know what a Saint medal is, here ya go.
SO I guess the question is what do I do with this chilling medal LOL


  1. Well what is St. Raymond the patron saint of?

  2. Patronage
    against fever
    Baltoa, Dominican Republic
    expectant mothers
    falsely accused people
    newborn babies
    pregnant women