Thursday, January 21, 2010

You're just full of it

Dr. Skotko called and Em is indeed backed up. We are on the Miralax highway....jealous?

We started the Zantac this morning; she drank it down like a champ.
I am exhausted, I feel like I can’t quite get enough sleep. Maybe, it’s all of the action this week, lots of changes. The kids have done great though.

In other news we switched the kid’s rooms around earlier this week. We’ve had a few bumps but all in all we are getting everything back together. I put down a foam tile floor in Em’s room and it ROCKS. The floor has been a dream to clean up and with Em there’s always a cleanup. We need to paint Joe’s new room and complete the process of making it his.

WOOOHOOOOOO it's swing day :)

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