Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time keeps on tickin

I keep trying to get in here and update and the days just seem to get away from me.
Last weekend Bill and I went to see Pink, it was quite honestly the most amazing show I have seen in a very, very, very long time. Her show was brazen, sweet and grand. She did song after song, costume change after costume change. I just can’t say enough about the show to do it justice. When she tours again you had better believe I will do whatever it takes to be there.

This month is National Ds month. The national news though is dominated with stories about Autism. LOVE our national org’s they are so on top of it…..NOT

Now that Joey is in HS we are really giving him a lot of autonomy with regard to his school work, I feel that at this point he has to know when things are due, how to get it done and doing what is expected. His dad wants us to always be looking in his binder for assignments etc. but that isn’t going to teach him how to govern himself. We need to remember that soon enough he’ll be off to college or whatever and he has to be responsible for his own person. We shall see what happens with report cards. I’m also trying to let him navigate his friends and all the drama of being a teen. It’s really hard to sit back and not tell him to do this or that.

Things are so much better in school with Em, she is so accepted in her new program and I am so thankful that this year isn’t a repeat of what we have had. We have a big meeting coming up next week (was supposed to be today) about communication devices and behavioral therapist. Her teacher is a dream and I feel so up about where this is going.

Bill and I are doing well, things feel so much less stressful now that his work schedule has changed, it feels like we can breathe again.

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