Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breast drama

I recently went through some breast drama. I had found a lump about a year ago or so and they did an Ultrasound (US) but said it was nothing and that we would just keep an eye on it. I noticed not long ago though that the lump changed, got a bit bigger, got a bit harder so they sent me for a mammo and another US.

I’m in with the US tech and she excuses herself for a moment and comes back with the Dr. (I think my pulse became audible to the room). The Dr. takes the wand and looks at “the area of concern” and talks to the tech saying “hmmmmm see the shadowing there? Pretty cut and dry.” I say to the Dr. “what are you talking about?” he said “oh I’m sorry (like he just remembered I was there) we’ll need to get a needle biopsy done of that area” he said I’m pretty sure it’s nothing but I want to be 100% sure so we’ll do the biopsy next Thursday (a week away). Long week.

I walked into the biopsy scared out of my GD mind! I tried not to look at the equipment but unfortunately caught a glimpse of the biggest needle I had ever seen! It didn’t hurt when they were numbing me and it didn’t hurt when they took the samples but at the end the put a marker chip in there so that they can find the “area of concern” more easily on scan SOB that marker placement hurt.
I waited from Thursday at 3pm until Monday at 3pm to hear the most beautiful word……..BENIGN.

BTW over the weekend the husband, boy and I stripped the old wallpaper from the living room, mostly so I wouldn’t think of what might be. The men folk were all sorts of happy with me about this project.

I have the best husband in the world, I really do. Living with me isn’t easy, I can be quite the bitch and he loves me, tude and all. I love you Billy and I appreciate all that you do every day to keep our lives happy.

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