Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today is swing day

In addition to having Down syndrome Emily has sensory processing disorder. In Emily’s case she needs a lot of vestibular input. Emily would spin and spin and not get dizzy like the rest of us. Every week I take her to an OT center where they work with her swinging and spinning her. She has shown amazing growth through this process and I kick myself for not doing this sooner. At the center they have her do different activities that require her attention and concentration, she does the tasks beautifully. Her reward….the helicopter swing :)

We are also doing therapeutic listeningwith her.

When I bring her home after her OT visit she is so at peace and calm.


  1. Our daughter has DS and SPD too! I've never actually "met" anyone else that falls into this category- though I suspect more people do, they just haven't been diagnosed. I'm excited to have found your blog- your daughter is adorable!


  2. Hi Linda, thank you. I thousht she had Autism and when we went to Universal Studios and went on the rides she became a whole new child. It was magic.

    How old is your daughter?