Friday, September 25, 2009


So.......Em's 7, her speech is just about zero and I have to get real about what to do about it. The truth is that she can communicate with us at home, we know what she wants and we try to make things go smoothly as to not frustrate her or ourselves. But, truth is nobody oustide of our cirlce knows what she wants and honestly, they just write her off as being stupid. Em's not stupid. She can't form the words and she would rather just not try than to be frustrated.

I am thinking of getting an assistive device for her, at this time we use PECS but it's just not portable enough and really, it doesn't have enough vocab to be effective. The devices though are SO MUCH MONEY.......The first step though is to meet with the school which will happen in October and have her evaluated for one of the many devices out there.

I hope I'm making the right the hell am I supposed to know what that is? Sometimes, ok more than some being a parent sucks.

As for Joe he's doing well in the band, finding his groove in HS and given me the right amount of crap along the way!

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